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Between Your World and Mine, while it’s our debut album as Morningstar, is really a result of our evolution as musicians and as a band. Influenced by everything from classic rock to modern metal, we wrote dozens of songs, rewrote them, then scrapped them and wrote new ones as we experimented with different ways to capture the emotions that we were inspired to convey.

It wasn’t until we wrote Bittersweet Lullaby in 2017 that we were able to say “this is it.”
At that time, we became Morningstar and released Bittersweet Lullaby as our first single, created with the intention to remove stigma and raise conversations around mental health.

Once we had our sound, we poured our creative expression into this debut album. Inspired largely by the struggles of mental illness, this album takes you on a journey through a world called Calalini, where you’ll eventually discover that the only thing our music asks of you is to be who you truly are.

When people ask us, who is Morningstar?
Our sound is ethereal and gritty, often described as symphonic melodic metal that defies categorization.
But what people really remember and what keeps our community coming back for more, is that we’re about connection.
We’re about hearing your stories and how music, sometimes even our music, helped you through some of the hardest times of your life, or inspired you toward a dream.

Between Your World and Mine is a place that unites us,
and we thank you for being a part of this journey.

Track List:
The Calling
Stranded in Cyber City
The Circus
Bittersweet Lullaby
Two Brothers
Calalini (Instrumental)
Eternal (Instrumental)

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